Giving you peace of mind and security.


All your private information, stored offline in one secure place.

LifeBank is an encrypted platform designed to store your personal data and documentation for yourself, your family, and for generations to come.

Delivered to you by download or USB key, it will allow you to collect and protect all your essential personal data and information in one central location.

What can you store in LifeBank? Almost anything!

  • Health records

  • Insurance documents

  • Investments

  • Bank details

  • PIN numbers

  • Social media account details

  • Business documents

  • Travel records

  • Contact numbers

  • And more...

With LifeBank, you’ll never lose track of information again.

Take a look inside LifeBank below:


Offline and encrypted.
The ultimate in privacy


 Life is full of ‘what ifs?’

LifeBank can help to ease the stress in times of need, and help you prepare for all of life’s ‘what ifs?’ by ensuring everything is stored offline in one secure place.

  • Prevent your personal details and information from being hacked.

  • Get immediate access to medical information – not only in case of an emergency when at home, but when travelling.

  • Safely store details around bank accounts or insurance policies.

  • Set your ageing parents up for the future by ensuring you have important information relating to them about a variety of things such as details of health insurance, bank accounts and estates.

  • Keep track of your medical records for prolonged or ongoing health issues.

  • Organise simple and secure access to pin numbers or passwords for bank accounts, social media accounts or similar.

  • Maintain access to medical records, even in cases where a cyber-attack or ransomware has made it impossible to retrieve information from hospitals, clinicians, and pharmacists (as happened to the UK NHS in May 2017).



A one-time fee lets you use LifeBank forever.

Software: $90 AUD || USB Data Key with LifeBank Application: $135 AUD