About LifeBank


Jeff Loewenstein


LifeBank was founded by Jeff Loewenstein, a member of the Victorian Bar in Melbourne, Australia for over 40 years, who saw that solicitors were failing their clients when they prepared a will.

They sent the client off with a will but had done nothing to assist the Executor of that client’s will when the time came to find out what was in the Estate, track down assets and any liabilities and sort out any family disputes.

Often the executor did not even know whether the deceased had a valid will, let alone where one might be found.

Family members were faced with considerable stress and cost – plus a commitment of time and effort – as they worked their way through lawyers, accountants, banks, wealth managers and financial planners – who all seemed to be “working” in silos – trying to found out what was actually in the Estate.

And then there were members of the family who needed to be contacted to find out what they knew — that’s a headache in itself.

From these struggles, LifeBank™ was born.

Your private information stored in one secure place, readily accessible in the case of an emergency, while travelling and on a day-to-day basis.

LifeBank™ is now being used by lawyers, accountants, wealth managers and financial planners to assist their clients. Travel agents will also soon be offering LifeBank alongside the travel insurance they are offering and advising their clients to take out.

As a result of Jeff’s wife contracting cancer and him “travelling” alongside her whilst she had treatment, it became apparent that there were gaps in assisting the cancer patient navigate their journey and “the system”.

Not only were all systems geared from the hospital or clinician’s perspective, but the patient needed a facility to negotiate and navigate their treatment and gain a degree of control over what they were going through. A win-win for doctor and patient was achieved if, for example, a patient could provide a detailed report to the hospital or clinician about the way the patient had handled their treatment.

Armed with LifeBank™ a patient can now effectively interact with their hospital or clinician and be materially assisted in their cancer journey, treatment and management. In some places LifeBank is also now being deployed in assisting an inter-action with and management of senior citizens, children, those medically challenged and people suffering from dementia and Alzheimers.