LifeBank – an encrypted datakey or software for use on a computer or laptop…. all off the cloud if desired.  Collect and protect of all essential personal data and information in one go-to place.    The user becomes the sole guardian and personal custodian of the information on their own data key or computer / laptop.    With an encrypted datakey no footprint of LifeBank remains on a computer or laptop.         
By using LifeBank individuals, companies and organisations can securely record and take control of all their important information of and relating to themselves  –  personal, family, health, investments, insurance, bank and other accounts, pin numbers, social media, business, digital estate, collectibles, advanced care directives, pre-paid funerals and the location of important documents amongst many others 

When travelling…..all important information and details (passport numbers, medical information, insurance / health policies, bank accounts, pin numbers and access codes, contact numbers, etc. are to hand immediately in case of emergency or loss of documents

LifeBank allows you to share whatever data you wish to…. when and with whom.    A Trusted Person, or a professional advisor, for example.

Online access to personal data can be avoided using LifeBank.   LifeBank can be used totally offline.   LifeBank is encrypted.     LifeBank – the ultimate in privacy

  >>>> Check out what LifeBank looks like by going to the Sample Pages pull down menu
LifeBank – devised and verified by a practicing barrister.  Business forms and medical forms verified by practicing professional personnel