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Privacy? Your mobile device is sending and receiving every two seconds

Wanna know what your mobile device is doing when it is supposedly “asleep” or inactive?    Check out the answer…..

“When I decided to record every time my phone or laptop contacted a server on the internet, I knew I’d get a lot of data, but I honestly didn’t think it would reveal nearly 300,000 requests in a single week.

On average, that’s about one request every two seconds.

In this instalment of the #DataLife project I’m going to take a broad look at what all those requests are doing and break down some details about what I’ve found in the data so far.

How much data did your phone and laptop send and receive?

There are a few different ways to answer the question ‘how much’. The easiest to understand is simply the number of times my devices contacted another server — that’s the 300,000 number from above, but that’s not at all evenly spread over the week.

In one hour — between 8am and 9am on a Tuesday morning — there were more than 11,000 requests. That’s more than three per second.”

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