Give me old-fashioned Privacy again!


When you put net curtains up over your windows at home, you are maintaining some semblance of privacy. This is regardless of whether you have locked your door or not…. security having nothing to do with privacy.   Now, open your curtains – do you want folk outside to see that you have a diamond necklace? Or do you want any visitors to see it when they’re invited in? No. So what do you do? You hide it; you keep it secret, perhaps, putting it in a drawer. Secrecy, like security, is also a fundamentally different notion to privacy.If you want to keep people out of your home so that those things that you want to keep private remain private, then as well as curtains, you can put locks on the doors and windows, which will serve the dual purpose of also keeping your secrets secret. It provides a deterrent to any unauthorised access to your home. This is as true at home as it is in your place of work.Now imagine your home is your computer or your smart phone, or your office or shop is your computer server. Sure, add some security as a deterrent against any unauthorised access. Just remember, in the same way that someone who is really determined to break the window of your home or office to get in, whatever security you use in your technology is no guarantee that to stopping access to the an equally determined infiltrator.   The locked doors and windows and the security in the technology all serve to make someone hopefully chose an easier target without locks or security.Your home with a net curtain is pretty private. Similarly your computer or server with a firewall is pretty private. Both stop people seeing inside. The firewall is supposed to keep your data private (yes, it serves other purposes too, but one core aspect is it’s a privacy shield). It’s only when someone breaks in that the net curtain is pulled down or the firewall is disabled that the perpetrator can opt to then re-arrange matters, or steal whatever or, perhaps, just walk away – either way, an unauthorised person has now been inside your house or your computer, and your privacy has been compromised.In the same way as you hide your necklace, because it’s a secret, then you can equally encrypt any data sitting on your smart phone, computer, or server, so it remains secret. Then if somebody does look through your window or is invited into your house or computer, they won’t be able to see your secret stuff. In the case of puling back the net curtain or inviting someone in, this is a choice that you have made about your own privacy. They can see in the hallway, but perhaps not in the bedroom.   They can see one section of your computer, but perhaps not other sections of your data.The issue in today’s online world-wide-web is that it is not just individuals living in your local community that you have to worry about. The internet is a global village. Whereas you might have had the occasional traveller passing your home, people that were likely to compromise your privacy at home would normally come from the local community.   However, given the nature of the networked cloud, you now will have visitors from every corner of the earth being interested in your personal life. That’s why privacy is so important.That’s why LifeBank exists. Firstly, it allows you put up a net-curtain. It is also encrypted, so allows you to keep secret what you want to keep secret. And because it is not on the cloud, it once again restricts only the local community or the occasional passer-by to come within any reasonable proximity. This is its strongest security feature – it’s physical, and you would have to know what you were looking for and where it is before it could come anything close to having your privacy compromised.And the beauty about LifeBank is that, just like at home, you can invite in chosen guests, but restrict which rooms they visit. LifeBank puts the control back in your hands. So, if you are a commercial organisation, worried about breaching data protection regulation when a pracker (a hacker intent on stealing private data that undermines privacy) breaks in, you can simply take customer or employee personal data off your servers, and give it back with the LifeBank platform to the owners, who are then accountable for it themselves. No risk of any breach anymore.So, LifeBank provides you the ideal capability to maintain your privacy, whilst having the strongest security, and the ability to hide whatever secrets you have – and you decide when, how much data, and with whom you wish to share it. LifeBank – take back control of your privacy again.