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Haapsalu MaskIf the greatest generals ever in history were looking at the overall objectives and considering the most appropriate strategies and advice to meet their ends, they would firstly agree today's problem is that the internet is at risk of imploding (45% no longer bank or shop online) due to a breakdown of Trust (being at an all-time low at 41% with banks in the UK, for example) due to concerns about online Privacy (number one concern for 92%).  Their objectives therefore would be to address the Privacy issue, restore Trust, and ensure the promise of the internet delivered global growth.  They would review the tactics deployed to safeguard Privacy and come to the conclusion that security has not and will not work - they would have some messenger explain to the Command in Chief or Royalty (if not directly involved) that the governance regime agreed with Data Protection legislation was not driving the right tactical behaviour.Most importantly, the generals would seek advice to understand how they moved online private data somewhere safe, offline.  That would be the key to their strategy.  They would deploy the most impressive weapons in the War for the Internet (or War of Independence II) to ensure that the outcome of their strategy was realised.  They would ignore the advice from the security pedlars and take matters into their own hands - they would be the leaders that made them originally stand out.  They would ally themselves with LifeBank.

Following on from the Press reports of Windows and Android vulnerabilities last week, the battle against Cloud hackers seems to be losing ground again as Oracle's payment software as well as Sage accounting software were also breached in the last week.  The latter exposes some 280 UK firms.  Add that together with Cryptolocker ransomware that this week affected a Cloud-hosting provider of one accountancy business I know that has since rendered the business out of action.... well, it's not pretty reading.

Our tactics have been wrong from the outset.  We have taken bad advice.  We have relied on defences that don't work - I'm talking about security measures to (a) safeguard private data, and (b) be compliant with data protection imperatives.  If we wish to defend the rights of individuals within our community so that their Privacy is not compromised,  let us change the strategy.  We should continue to do the security stuff, because that will keep the hackers distracted from our real intent, whilst using up their limited resources doing their 'hacking thing' but which will proffer them nothing.  Indeed, we should continue to take out cyber insurance - it's not expensive, and it provides the Board peace of mind.

The generals in today's world are the captains of industry, CEOs, and head of public bodies that are charged with defending us and our investments.  The best weaponry available in their armoury is LifeBank.  The accountancy business in the above ransomware example had not realised that the security provision was defective, as indeed are they all - despite the ongoing warnings.  But like a true general, said business has now taken steps to engage with LifeBank and beat the hackers.I would be foolish to tell the hackers how LifeBank will defeat them.  We are perfectly happy with the strategy that hackers are following and we are happy for them to waste their resources in the future.  We don't want hackers to change their strategy.  Suffice to say, by deploying LifeBank, hackers will not have access to private data.  And suffice to say, LifeBank is a lot more affordable than the imperfect security weaponry, and more easily deployed, ongoing, for ever.LifeBank ensures that today's generals limit their collateral damage.  Small pockets of the population are already showing their gratitude.  Increasingly customers and employees are urging generals to take the right course of action.  The enterprising generals - the real leaders - are heeding the advice of the people.  They are engaging with LifeBank, winning their battles, and realising their objectives. Email today (or follow @NomadSquire on Twitter) for more information, but bear in mind that most wars are won through excellent communications, so share this post, email it, and spread the word.  Long live the internet!