Pen this, Miss Moneypenny

We all have occasions in our life when Privacy is important.  Maybe 007 is an extreme example.  Nevertheless he illustrates the point about the need for Privacy.  After all, his word is, er, his bond.  Most of all, times they are a-changin', as Bob Dylan put it.  Seems like the old world of pen and paper is just not de rigueur.First, how does James Collect information?  Second, how does he then Protect it?  Third, how can he Connect with trusted third parties?  And, lastly, has he satisfied himself and his employers that he has been able to Respect the important issue of Privacy?  Sure as day-is-day, he ain't using a library, nor communicating by pigeon post.


Especially relevant in this day and age is: can Bond and the government rely on the internet?  Almost certainly not.  Because who can?  And if you watch all the recent films, you'll see what I mean.  While there is any reliance on the internet, he and his colleagues get hacked.  Hence he needs a clever way to collect and store information that is not the internet.


Most of all, assuming he has the clever way to collect and store data, 007 wants to protect it.  Much as one likes to think that security works, it doesn't. Just read the daily Press articles on hacking.  When private data is online, someone will be interested in it.  Therefore, the answer is to take the data offline.  And encrypt it.  That's what he needs.


Most noteworthy is that James needs to share information.  And it has to be bi-directional.  He needs to connect.  Because his trusted team need to know about the information he collects.  Most of all, this needs to be built into the process.  Thus when Bond wants to connect, he should be able to.  And share what he needs to share, when he needs to share it.  With whom he needs to share it.


And so Miss Moneypenny will know that her crack agent should return safely from the field.  With respect all round that information remained private whenever it needed to.

The LifeBank Pen

LifeBank is your private, offline internet.  Encrypted.  Also anonymous - if that's what you want.  While LifeBank is really clever software, it is also a pen drive.  So LifeBank isn't just for James Bond.  It is for all of us.  Because it allows you to collect and store information.  As it means you can protect that data offline away from hackers.  Because you can share whatever parts of that information when you need to and connect with whom you want to.  And because it will respect your need for Privacy.In conclusion, if you cannot use pen and paper, and if you cannot trust the internet, use LifeBank.  Email [encoded_email address="" link="false"] for more information today...