Keep yourself

We live in an ever-increasing complicated world.    Various accounts of one description or another here and there, insurance policies to keep track of, important documents to refer back to (think wills, powers of attorney, birth certificates, for example) pin numbers, etc. etc.Problem is knowing where those vital documents are and can be readily accessed in the event of a problem – let alone remembering pin numbers.   Add to that a parent beginning to show signs of dementia or Alzheimers, and the problem of knowing “what is there and where is it” becomes close to a nightmare.If travelling having access to important information may be of potentially life-saving importance whilst overseas click reference.    With whom was that travel insurance or what was the number of the policy or my medical health insurer?For the businessman / woman – especially if SME (small, medium enterprise) – not knowing or able to track down vital details relating to the business can prove costly.Enter LifeBank – the perfect solution to the problem.     Software which allows for the recording of all data about oneself and one’s health or business – maintained on a computer or laptop (or even on the Cloud if desired) or better-still, loaded  on a portable and small datakey (credit-card size or small enough to be hung on a key-ring) fully encrypted and totally off the cloud. 

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