Are you safe storing in the cloud?

 The answer to the question in the banner to this!Let the Wall Street Journal explain...."Have you seen the headlines lately? Hacking and surveillance are bigger news than the next iPhone. Yet companies like Google, Apple and Dropbox have been urging us to load all our photos, and sometimes even more precious documents, in an online vault called the cloud. It’s actually huge racks of servers, in locations all over the world.What could possibly go wrong with hundreds of millions of people storing personal data in a centralized warehouse?In August, Dropbox reset the passwords for 68 million accounts in response to a 2012 breach. Anyone with an email address is at perpetual war with phishers, who were behind a big celebrity photo iCloud leak in 2014. Is anything safe from hackers?****I asked hackers and security pros where they store their most precious documents—tax files—and got different answers from nearly all of them. Some said they would trust the public cloud, while others said they would keep files far away from the internet (making them difficult to share with an accountant). “There is no really perfect advice right now,” said Matthew Green, a cryptographer and professor at the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute.Security and privacy involve choices we all need to make for ourselves—and are worth at least as much consideration as the color of your phone."LifeBank affords a means where one can store all one's personal and private securely.... off line and away from hackers and prying eyes.

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