The Dark Net is alive and active

Let it not be said that the message isn't clear.... the Dark Net is alive and well out there.When the head of a large Australian insurer tells it as it is, everyone ought to sit up and listen.From today's Australian Financial Review...."Private customer data held by Australia's financial institutions is being sold over the so-called "dark net" according to Insurance Australia Group chief executive Peter Harmer, who has warned cyber attacks could wipe hundreds of millions of dollars off the value of some of our largest banks and insurers.

Mr Harmer says the insurance giant is attacked 60 times every day and that any chief executive who believes they have a secure digital environment is "completely oblivious to the threats that are out there"."We trawl our systems all the time looking for unusual activity," he told The Australian Financial Review Banking & Wealth Summit on Thursday."We trawl the dark net looking for where our data might be up for sale and it's amazing when you actually see what is being offered for sale," he said.

The take out of all of that?   Taking active steps to ensure as much as possible of one's personal information is off the cloud and not hackable even on one's own computer, laptop or mobile device (phone or tablet).      Look to LifeBank to solve the problem!