Medical data.... not secured nor secure!

  It was bad enough when the hackers were looking for credit card details - and they still are relentlessly continuing to do so - but when those hackers are looking to gain access to medical records it ought to become a matter of grave concern.   All too sadly, governments seem little interested in ensuring that medically-related data is secure from snooping.Let this sobering information, from HealthcareIT News, attest to what is going on "out there"....."The number of providers victimized by hacking attacks rose by 320 percent from 2015 to 2016, according to “Breach Report 2016: Protected Health Information,” a study from consulting firm CynergisTek.What’s more, 81 percent of records breached in 2016 were the result of hacking attacks.CynergisTek’s seventh annual study provides an analysis of the causes of PHI breaches reported to the Department of Health and Human Services and the overall state of cybersecurity in healthcare.“Healthcare providers have become the primary targets of malicious hackers, and their attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and disruptive to operations,” CynergisTek vice president Dan Berger said. “The dramatic increase in hacking attacks in 2016, coupled with the large number of patient records compromised in those incidents, points to a pressing need for providers to take a much more proactive and comprehensive approach to protecting their information assets in 2017 and beyond.”The “Breach Report 2016” study also found that: 325 large breaches of PHI occurred, compromising 16,612,985 individual’s record while 3,620,000 records were breached in the year’s single largest incident."What can the individual do?    Get Lifebank™ in order to ensure that all medical data is on a secure fully encrypted data key off the cloud.    Simple!