There is an answer to WannaCry

There ought to have been a wake up call all around the world when the devastating effects of the WannaCry computer virus last week was realised.    And it hasn't been "fixed" for everyone yet.....let alone the disquiet and anxiety everyone ought to feel given it being said another virus is out there and ready to "hit" very soon.The inconvenience and cost, on multiple levels, to people in all walks of life was horrendous.       Time then for "the man in the street" to take control.....and medical providers (in the UK are you listening NHS) to take stock and look to a solution to the problems, and issues, as those created by the WannaCry virus last week.     Step up to the plate LifeBank and HealthBank.In the UK look out for and go to Efla Limited and Priviness Limited to help address and resolve the problem in the health space.  They can help with ...

  • the development of the operational models which can support patient self management within a health care environment.
  • policy development with regard to patient access to personal data
  • training and change management support for clinical teams
  • GDPR readiness reviews and consultancy.

They have developed a range of forms to suit a number of niche requirements so far for those looking to support patients with :

  • mental health issues
  • self management of long term physical health problems and disability
  • personal health budgets
  • rehabilitation and recovery programmes.
  • portable patient held clinical records.

Send an email to to get the ball rolling.    Or there is also