More to fear from Twitter than Facebook

Facebook is bad enough, but this piece from The New York Times, calls out Twitter as worse than Facebook in the dissemination of false news.

"Though the 140-character network favored by President Trump is far smaller than Facebook, it is used heavily by people in media and thus exerts perhaps an even greater sway on the news business.

That’s an issue because Twitter is making the news dumber. The service is insidery and clubby. It exacerbates groupthink. It prizes pundit-ready quips over substantive debate, and it tends to elevate the silly over the serious —  for several sleepless hours this weekit was captivated by “covfefe,” which was essentially a brouhaha over a typo.

But the biggest problem with Twitter’s place in the news is its role in the production and dissemination of propaganda and misinformation. It keeps pushing conspiracy theories — and because lots of people in the media, not to mention many news consumers, don’t quite understand how it works, the precise mechanism is worth digging into."

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