Privacy battened down - according to law!

Let the well-informed and reliable source - none other than The Economist today - deliver the news...."Remember Y2K, also known as the “Millennium Bug”, which was expected to wreak havoc on computers around the world at the beginning of the century? Another ugly acronym, GDPR (for “General Data Protection Regulation”), has led to similar worries. Member states are now adapting their privacy laws to this piece of European Union legislation; Britain has just started the process. Unprepared firms may even face bankruptcy, experts warn: the GDPR requires organisations to obtain people’s “explicit” consent whenever they process their data, for instance, or face fines of up to €20m ($24m) or 4% of global annual sales. The Millennium Bug didn’t do much damage, perhaps because years of scaremongering meant that the world was over-prepared. In the case of the GDPR, nobody should rely on it not happening: it will become enforceable next May. And it won’t just apply in the EU, but wherever personal data about the bloc’s citizens is processed"Check out out how deploying LifeBank can go a long way in solving the problem.