No wins for business there!

The internet is all pervasive and, literally, entwined in our lives, both in a commercial sense and privately.   But there is a caveat to that.    With hacking and lack of security on the ubiquitous www small businesses are withdrawing from "using" the internet as part of their business.From Australia comes this report in The Age newspaper:"After Ken Taylor's personal computer was hacked he is concerned about the impact hacking would have on his restaurant Templestowe Living Room.  "I went into a website which was a bogus site and it basically took a hold of my computer," Taylor says. "I got a phone call wanting to fix my computer for $500 and I just ripped all the plugs out. After a while I turned it back on again and fortunately nothing further happened but I ended up having to get advice from my security people. They did a complete search and got rid of some dodgy stuff that had been implanted in the system.

Taylor says the restaurant's website is "essential" to the business which turns over $2 million a year and employs 30 staff but research published on Tuesday shows hacking fears mean increasing numbers of small businesses are not hosting their own websites. Sensis surveyed more than  1000 small businesses and found the proportion of small and medium businesses worried about hacking jumped from 69 per cent to 81 per cent this year

The 2017 Sensis eBusiness Report found this concern was driving a fall in the number of businesses hosting their own website, which is down from 61 per cent to 52 per cent." Check out LifeBank with its ability to store critical details about one's business - and everything else personal - off the cloud.   Bottom line, become the guardian and custodian of your business and personal details!