Time for Tarte to tart up (that is, secure!) its computer system

We are used to cyber security breaches at banks, insurance companies and the likes of Equifax, Target, et al.   That is not to say that cyber security breaches aren't occurring all over the place..... and at the most unlikely places.The cyber security breach at a manufacturer of women's cosmetics - Tarte Cosmetics - is a good example of how one's personal details can pop up and be out there through and from a company one might not have immediately thought had a record of some 2 million online customers."Tarte Cosmetics is the latest beauty brand to suffer a security breach, which revealed the personal information of around two million online customers.Tarte suffered an email service ‘glitch’ back in September, which affected around 1,400 orders but the company claimed at the time that this was not caused by a security breach.However, during what it described as a routine security audit on 18 October, security specialist Kromtech Security Center discovered a publicly accessible MongoDB database that appeared to belong to Tarte.The personal details of customers who had used Tarte’s website from 2008 onwards were viewable.“What immediately drew our attention was the fact that it was unprotected, available for anyone to view and even edit,” said Bob Diachenko, Chief Security Communications Officer at Kromtech.Details included customers’ names and addresses, email addresses, purchase history and the last four digits of their credit card numbers."Like everything in life there are no certainties that providing details to a third party about oneself will be fully and securely safeguarded.      What the individual can do, however, is take steps to limit what information is provided to anyone, and even more so, to secure everything one wants to keep from prying eyes, by using LifeBank™.   Armed with the LifeBank™ data key (fully encrypted) the user will become the custodian of important information - not someone else..... unlikely to be trusted to keep it secure.