Not healthy now....nor a healthy outlook!

Australia, like many other countries, has been grappling with establishing a universal health information / record system - initially called MyHealth.Some A$2million later, things are not looking good for getting the whole system up and running.    From a blog Australian Health Information Technology a "report" today on where things stand in rolling out the Aussie initiative:"It’s cost an estimated $2 billion and taken five years to develop so far, but concerns are growing that the Federal Government’s My Health Record may be at risk of becoming a white elephant as hospital and GP groups claim it is yet to show clinical benefit.New figures released by the Australian Digital Health Agency, which is rolling out the national repository for health information, show that while 21 per cent of the population has a My Health Record, only 263 specialists were connected to the system, less than 150 hospital discharge summaries are viewed each month by any healthcare organisation, and about 200 GP-generated shared health summaries were accessed by staff working in public and private hospitals in August.The alarmingly low use of the system by clinicians has amplified the chorus of concerns from healthcare providers and technology experts who claim the My Health Record isn’t fit for purpose.GPs, who are provided with financial incentives to upload shared health summaries to the system through the government’s ePIP program, said they don’t need to access My Health Record for up-to-date and accurate clinical information."The moral in all of this?     Have your own LifeBank data key - or the software on your computer / laptop - with all your scanned in medical records.   You have all your vital medical info to hand and off the cloud - safely away from being hacked - if you chose to do so.