Welcome to 2018!.....with more cybersecurity headaches to come

Anyone who thought that the experts had caught up with all the cybersecurity issues which confronted us all in 2017, think again.    In fact, the pundits, who know say, that 2018 will present its own issues (as The Age newspaper reports)....."2018 will be the year malicious software becomes smarter and cyber criminals increasingly chase crypto-currencies like bitcoin, according to predictions from computer security companies.It will also be the year ransomware — software designed by hackers that locks up computer systems until a fee is paid — will become more targeted and prevalent among big business, where ransom demands are often much higher in dollar value due to businesses having more money to divulge than consumers, according to computer security firm Fortinet.

"The next big target for ransomware is likely to be cloud service providers and other commercial services with a goal of creating revenue streams," he says, pointing to one ransom that resulted in $US1 million being paid by a web hosting company in 2017."