Security! The havoc and cost of a cyber attack

As countries join in on attacking each other's computer systems - remember Israel started it ages ago when it, in effect, knocked out, or at least set back, Iran's development of atomic weaponry by neutralising the computer system being deployed in that development - some sober facts as disclosed in an article "World warned of 'cyber-geddon' as nations fight computer war" in the Australian Financial Review:"Last year in June came the NotPetya ransomware, spread ingeniously as a fraudulent software update for a popular Ukrainian accounting software package. The update was sent after the software company's systems were accessed by what the security industry likes to call "bad actors".One of those caught in the crossfire was shipping giant Maersk. The company's entire network was infected. In a 10-day blitz it had to install 45,000 new PCs, 4000 new servers and 2500 applications. The company estimates the damages bill was between $US250 million and $US300 million."