Lawyers and accountants go AWOL!

It is an oxymoron to say lawyers are conservative, lacking marketing savvy (what is that we hear them say!) let alone pro-active in adding a value-add to their firm-client relationship.     For that matter, accountants are not that far behind the lawyers.When did your lawyer or accountant last offer you something, anything, which would materially assist you, the client?LifeBank is a platform / software which offers the user the capacity to pull together all their personal details, of every description, in one secure place.    How great would it be if the lawyer or accountant would offer to provide LifeBank to their clients.   Doing so would almost certainly provide peace of mind to a client that they had all material and relevant things about themselves secured in one place - and readily accessible - and avoid stress, anguish and needless and avoidable costs and expenses in the future.Ask your lawyer and accountant about LifeBank.    You can be pro-active yourself and go on line - - and buy LifeBank

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