And you thought robots can "do" things better!

The world has gone "mad".     Is this a case of robotics going rogue?

"Software developer Ibrahim Diallo found out the hard way that he'd been fired.

He turned up to work one day and his login failed. His account returned an 'inactive' message. The recruiter who'd landed him the job called to ask if he was OK.She'd received an email saying his position had been "terminated" — but Mr Diallo's manager didn't know anything about it.He didn't know yet that he'd been sacked by a machine.He went to his director, who told him not to worry — he still had a job, and she'd sort out the system error."At the end of the day I went to ask her, 'should I come back the next day, is everything OK?' She is like, 'yes, don't worry about it, come back'," Mr Diallo says.But the following day, his access issues only increased. He was progressively locked out of more and more computer systems.A few days later two security guards came to his desk to escort him out of the building."Right away we got the director, we got my manager, everybody was there," Mr Diallo says."I guess the security guard showed them the emails that said I need to get out of the building, and they agreed. So I packed my stuff and left."Mr Diallo, who's based in Los Angeles, was eight months into a three-year contract.His managers started doing some digging into who was sending the emails — and discovered they'd come from an automated system."Continue reading, here, for the not-so-satisfactory outcome of all of this.