When security of the internet - and how regularly - is breached


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"2.3 Billion - Stolen Credentials

Over 2.3 Billion usernames and passwords were reported spilled from 51 organizations in 2017.The frequency of credential spills has remained extremely consistent for two years, but the average size of spills in 2017 was lower than in 2016.

$50 Million - Potential Daily Losses

The US consumer banking industry faces nearly $50 million per day in potential losses from credential stuffing attacks. After accounting for fraud prevention, actual losses are estimated to be $5 million per day, or over $1.6 billion per year.

15 Months - To Discover Spills

On average, it took fifteen months for a credential spill to become public knowledge.This window of time is directly related to the cost of a spill; the longer it takes to discover a compromise, the more time attackers have to monetize account takeovers."