Who wins....and who loses on whom we trust?


The results are in...who we trust. No surprises actually.    From 9to5 Mac:"A new poll by data research firm Toluna via Recode attempted to analyse the least trusted companies in the tech sector.Conducted between December 9 through December 15, the poll surveyed one thousand online participants asking which company they believe to be the least trustworthy with personal information.

Facebook by no surprise took the number one spot, with a whopping 40% of the respondents doubting the social media giant’s ability to keep information safe. In a much more secure second place came Twitter, with only 8% expressing privacy concerns.

Apple ultimately tied for 4th place in regards to most trusted, with just 4% casting doubt on the company. This proves interesting considering Apple’s sharp stance on promoting user privacy as a critical aspect of the brand.

Besides the fact Apple just released its latest t

transparency report alongside an easy to navigate interactive website

, the company also frequently boasts about its widely used 

end-to-end encryption — a feature becoming more rare by the day


As for the final top three spots? Tesla, Microsoft and Netflix.

While Microsoft has had the benefit of being one of the largest tech companies in the world, it’s been able to operate without much media scrutiny over the past few years as more pressing privacy discussions from Facebook, Google and Apple have taken center stage.

This might offer a possible explanation as to why the firm ranks so well this month."