So you want privacy!


Readers of this blog will know by now that we at LifeBank urge everyone to use LifeBank as part of their lives.    The tag line LifeBank use is Collect and Protect - you collect together all your valuable personal information and then, preferably, store all of it on your LifeBank data key.    You are off the cloud, can't be hacked and become the custodian of your personal details.....all of them!It is therefore interesting to read an article (by way of Q & A) in the New York Times where an investigative journalist details how he keeps what he does private.Advice #1 is to steer clear of Facebook.   Lesson #2.....use an iPhone in preference to an Android mobile device.  The writer refers to where using an Android with Chrome open, will result in one's location being sent back to Google some 300 times a day.For use as one's research engine, the writer suggests Duck-DuckGo.   Use of Privacy Badger is also recommended.As a postscript to the above, it is interesting to note that a number of Israeli startups - Glassbox, onavo, Superfish and SimilarWeb - which are in the business of monitoring and analysing a user's personal data, are presently ensnared in controversy as the world reflects on the invasion of privacy and the utilisation of one's personal data by the likes of Facebook and Google.