Security and privacy heart-stopper


There is no end to how cybersecurity is being challenged.....and sometimes with potential dire consequences.This report from The Age newspaper today on a hospital being held to ransom is more than troubling.....

"A cyber crime syndicate has hacked and scrambled the medical files of about 15,000 patients from a specialist cardiology unit at Cabrini Hospital and demanded a ransom.The attack is now the subject of a joint investigation by Commonwealth security agencies.

Melbourne Heart Group, which is based at the private hospital in Malvern, has been unable to access some patient files for more than three weeks, after the malware attack crippled its server and corrupted data.

The malware used to penetrate the unit's security network is believed to be from North Korea or Russia, while the origin of the criminals behind the attack has not been revealed.The online gang responsible for the data breach demanded a ransom be paid in cryptocurrency before a password would be provided to break the encryption.

The Age understands that a payment was made, but some of the scrambled files have not been recovered, among them patients' personal details and sensitive medical records that could be used for identity theft.

Some patients were told that their files had been lost but were not given any explanation. Others have turned up for appointments for which the hospital had no record. A spokesperson stressed there was no link between the encypted data and any function relating to cardiac implantable electrical devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators."

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