Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use LifeBank on both a laptop / computer and on a USB?

Yes. LifeBank is available in two ways:

  • As software downloaded onto a laptop /computer or a user’s own USB, or

  • The USB purchased from LifeBank with the software already loaded on it.

The user has to opt which of the former they want. For security reasons, and in order to limit who has the Licence Key, the USB can be used on any laptop / computer but the software on a laptop / computer cannot be used on multiple laptops / computers.


What security does LifeBank provide to the user of the application?

At the time of initially starting up LifeBank you will need to enter:

  • The Licence Key provided at the time of purchase

  • Your email address

  • A password which you create.

Each time you open the application, you will need to enter your email address your chosen password.

The data on the USB is encrypted. So, if a backup is made of LifeBank it will be encrypted and not become “live” and readable until brought back onto the USB.

Does LifeBank record my password on its system?

No. LifeBank only retains details of the purchaser as provided and recorded at the time of purchase - so that, for example, updates of the software can be sent by email.

You set up your own password and need to make a note of it. A new password can be reset on the application.

Does LifeBank in any way capture or have access to any data as recorded on the application?

No. LifeBank has no way of knowing whether a backup of data has been made, where it might be or to access it.

How do I know that a Form is up to date?

Each Form is date and time stamped - so that when looking through the Usage Report on the application one can see when that Form was last opened, how complete it is and whether there is any Note (which might be a reminder, et al. attached to it).

Does the application help me as I work my way through completing Forms?

All Forms have the option for a Note to be added to it. That Note could be a reminder to locate a document, check out something, etc. On using the Usage Report in LifeBank, the user can see the date and time that Form was last accessed, to what extent that Form has been completed and any Note which has been attached to it.

Can there be multiple users of LifeBank?

Yes. It is up to the primary user of LifeBank whether they will, for example, share use of the app or allow an additional person to have their own file. Adding another user can be done immediately after booting up LifeBank and before entering it.

Where, and how, do I go about getting help or support from LifeBank?

The LifeBank web site provides an email address to which any query can be sent.

LifeBank is committed to helping users of the application. Every endeavour will be made to respond promptly to the query - usually within 24-48 hours.

Are there any terms and conditions for use of LifeBank?

Yes. They are detailed on our web site and were also agreed to when purchasing the app.

One important term a user needs to note is that the user takes responsibility for the data on the application and not sharing the email and password used to open the application with other than a trusted person(s).

The Licence Key will only work on the application where it was initially installed - for security reasons.

The software cannot be moved across from say a computer or laptop (where it was initially installed) to a laptop or computer respectively.

What is the sharing facility LifeBank has?

The application allows you to share a Form, Folder or document with a third party - or yourself.

All you need do is to go to the sharing facility on LifeBank and enter the email address of the third party, or yourself, select from the Folder or Form check-list you want to send and click on the ‘+Add User’ button.

The Form, Folder or document will end up on the mobile device or laptop / computer of the person to whom you sent it, for whatever period, as specified, when setting up the share - or indefinitely.

You could, for example, send yourself for use on a mobile device whatever medical information or document you wish to have available on your mobile device 24/7.

Can I print out a document?

Yes. Simply open the File or document you want to print and use the Print facility on LifeBank to print it.

Can I email a Form to someone?

Yes. Simply use the Email Button on the Form being used and which you want to send. You will be provided with confirmation that the email has beens sent.

Can I backup any Form or Folder in LifeBank?

Yes. Simply use the Backup button available on the application and follow the instructions.

What happens if all my data on LifeBank is lost?

Assuming you have made a backup of your LifeBank data, first “clean” the USB of any data and then drag and drop the back up file onto the USB.