For You

About You

Life. Health. Wealth. Timeline.
There is no end to the details about ourselves and our daily lives

LifeBank facilitates pulling it all together by collecting all important personal details together in one easily accessible place – where it can be protected from snooping eyes!   Scan in documents into a already provided Folder or one you create yourself

Record where all relevant documents – wills, powers of attorney, advance care directives and title deeds, amongst many others – are kept or from where they can be retrieved

Your Life

Birth.  Life’s journey.  Travels. Memories
Family. Recording health details. Milestone events…….

All those photos.  Important documents like a Birth or Marriage Certificate.   Scan into LifeBank as much or little as you want

Easily stored on LifeBank along with Heritage details.

All that critical information – passport and visa details, insurance policies, medical information, contacts, bank accounts and credits cards and their pins and passwords, collectibles and much more – immediately at hand when travelling

What happens to your pets if you aren’t able to look after them?

Health and Medical Records

All medical details, secured on an encrypted data key – and immediately accessible

All personal and family details and medical and health information readily at hand – even if the hospital, clinician or pharmacist have been hacked, cyber-attacked or subjected to ransomware (as happened to the NHS in May 2017) and no medical records accessible

Vital medication, allergies, blood group, previous medical procedures, family medical histories, emergency contacts (medical and personal), relevant medical reports, medical care plans, x-rays, MRI Scan results, etc. etc.

Use the forms provided to provide, or even email, a report to your hospital or clinician…      Use the documents scanned into LifeBank

Armed with LifeBank a patient – or family member – can save valuable time gaining treatment in an emergency – and perhaps even a life!


Trusts. Retirement Funds. Powers of Attorney.
Advanced Care Directives. Wills

Relevant documents which ought to be available when needed.

Record where they are to be found – or better still scan a copy or original into LifeBank

What Executor or family member hasn’t torn his or her hair out – and incurred substantial professional fees in the process – trying to track down assets of an Estate or an ageing parent?    And if that ageing parent has signs of dementia or Alzheimers even worse!

Digital Life

Social Media Accounts.  Internet access.
Retaining and sharing photos

Record passwords to access social media accounts or the likes of iTunes or Netflix

Scan photos into LifeBank

Wealth & Legacy Planning

Trusts. Funding Retirement. Powers of Attorney. Advanced Care Directives. Wills
For Longevity. For Legacy.


Record everything before memories fail  – and possibly the onset of dementia or Alzheimers – so as to avoid an Executor or family member having to spend time and inordinate fees in tracking down the assets of an Estate

Journey’s End

Testamentary.  Advanced Care Directives.
Funeral arrangements.   Wishes fulfilled…….

Valuable resources

Advice. Interacting and connecting with advisers

All those critical advisers and their contact details, including passwords and pin numbers for accessing their web site / portal

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Imagine. Everything about you recorded in one secure place. Accessible. Anywhere.

LifeBank. Designed for You. For security. For Peace of Mind