LifeBank provides the perfect solution to all the What ifs

What if…

  • You need immediate access to medical information – not only in case of an emergency when at home, but when travelling
  • You need access to medical records but cannot because of a cyber-attack or ransomware has made it impossible to retrieve information from hospitals, clinicians, and pharmacists – as happened to the UK NHS in May 2017
  • You are travelling and need details or copies of lost tickets, vouchers, passport or visa or travel insurance policies 
  • You need access to bank accounts or details of medical insurance policy
  • You have no ready access to pin numbers or passwords when wanting to access bank or other accounts
  • You want to prevent identity theft
  • You are concerned about details and information about yourself being hacked
  • You don’t know where important documents can be found – a will, a power of attorney or Advanced Care Directive amongst others
  • You are relocating interstate or overseas (for work or otherwise) and need to take critical documents and information with you – for example, important medical details
  • You are moving interstate or overseas and need to leave behind important information (for example, details of insurance on your home or investment property) with a trusted third party
  • You have ageing parents who are travelling and you need to have important information relating to them about a variety of things (such as details of health insurance and bank accounts) whilst they are away
  • You are a PA and your boss is overseas – and you need important information / details whilst she or he is away

LifeBank is the perfect solution to all the What Ifs

Imagine. Everything. In one place. Accessible. Anywhere.

LifeBank. Designed. For Business. Customisable. For ease.